Getting a SeaCrypt NFT

New Mint

SeaCrypt fish NFTs can be minted on our website.

Steps for minting:

  1. Connect to web3 wallet (Ethereum network). There are two options: Metamask and WalletConnect

  2. Click the mint button. (Mint price is stated here) There will be a message popup to sign the transaction (no cost is incurred at this step)

  3. Confirm your transaction and gas fee and the minting process will start

  4. The minting process can take up to a couple of minutes. This is because SeaCrypt NFT generation has some backend and middleware processes that generate the 3D animated model using proprietary algorithm. It is different from other NFT projects that mint random NFTs from a pool of pre-generated assets.

Secondary Market

You can purchase minted SeaCrypt fishes on secondary market from OpenSea.


In the near future, when the breeding feature is launched you can breed a new SeaCrypt fish from two parent fishes. More details will be announced.

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