In the past 2 years of grinding, many things have been accomplished.

  • Smart contract launch SC has been launched for minting of fish and integration with OpenSea

  • Fish generation algorithm Algorithm to generate random fish of different traits and attributes was completed. This is the backbone of SeaCrypt project, where 3D models (GLB format) are generated as our NFTs. The format allows portability across multiple platforms which enables future expansion and extendability.

  • Evolution algorithm Evolution is another important proprietary algorithm in SeaCrypt. Fishes are designed to evolve over time and the introduction of this feature is critical in our ecosystem.

  • Birthmark integration Birthmarks have been added as part of the minting process. Users' phrase input will be integrated as part of the input feature to generate SeaCrypt NFT. The birthmarks are then carved into the eyes of the fishes, storing the users' memories into web3 permanently.

  • Fish animation Swimming animation v1 was completed, allowing fishes to swim freely in the water (soon Metaverse). Post beta launch, improvements were done and animation v2 was rolled out. In animation v2, swimming animations of the fishes are more natural, and has wider range of movements.

  • Aquarium (phase 1) In phase 1 of aquarium feature, a few designed backgrounds by artists were implemented.

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